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Narayan, R.K. - A Horse and Two Goats (1965)
Jahr: 2008
Mediengruppe: Onleihe
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R.K. Narayan (10.10.1906 - 05.13.2001) - full name Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Narayanaswami - is one of the most popular Indian authors writing in English. Narayan was born and educated in Madras. Unlike other Indian authors he lived in India for most of his life, except for his travels. He is credited for making Indian English fiction popular. Narayan published several novels, five short-story collections, including A Horse and Two Goats, two travel books and a number of essays. Most of his works have a distinctive Indian character. Content: Plot; Narrative Point of View; Setting; Characters ; Themes; Study Questions; Model Answers.
Jahr: 2008
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Beschreibung: 7 S.
Sprache: Englisch
Mediengruppe: Onleihe